Sean Spicer has been hiding from the cameras for nearly a month


White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been hiding from the media, refusing to answer reporters' questions on camera, for nearly a month.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been hiding from the public.

His last time appearing on-camera to spin for the Trump administration was in late June, and while he has held briefings since then, they were off-camera affairs. Spicer has not conducted any of the White House briefings since June 26.

On Monday, the White House announced that Spicer would return — but only off camera.


The media lockdown continues the Trump administration's strategy of avoiding answering tough questions about the multiple scandals and missteps the administration finds itself in the thick of, six months into Trump's presidency. His pathetic approval rating appears to have created a bunker mentality, in which Trump will only talk to extremely friendly propaganda outlets like Fox News and right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson's "700 Club," where he pontificated on his latest imaginary friend, a supposed trucker who criticizes America's roads.

In those venues, hosts like Sean Hannity and the "Fox & Friends" crew are more likely to toss softballs at Trump, his team, and his family than to grill them on the issues bedeviling Trump's presidency.

Trump himself has avoided the press, holding only one official press conference since taking office — the least ever for a first-year president. He has gone over 150 days without answering questions in this traditional format that his predecessors easily handled.

Spicer's banishment, in favor of his deputy Sarah Huckabee Sanders — who has repeatedly lied in his place — also jibes with reporting that Trump has been unhappy with his top propagandist's performance thus far.

Trump also reportedly hates that Spicer has given Melissa McCarthy so much raw material for her portrayal of him on "Saturday Night Live." Once again, news has been circulating that Trump is considering replacing Spicer.

Spicer still appears to be hanging on to his job by a thread, answering questions about Trump's stalled legislative agenda, collusion with Russia, and sinking and anemic approval ratings. He just isn't doing it in front of the cameras. He's hiding.