Sean Spicer: Yes, Trump 'still believes' the lie that 3 million people voted illegally


Donald Trump tells new lies every day, but his old ones also refuse to die, as evidenced by Press Secretary Sean Spicer's declaration that Trump "still believes" the lie that 3 to 5 million illegal votes were cast against him during the presidential election.

Donald Trump's administration never met a lie on which they could not triple-down, whether it is Kellyanne Conway adding microwave ovens to the list of villains who are wiretapping Trump, or the ongoing lie that the GOP repeal plan will cover more Americans than Obamacare.

And at a White House briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer resurrected another Trump lie.

NBC News' Peter Alexander first questioned Spicer about a particularly awful moment from a briefing the week before, in which Spicer openly joked about Trump's past lies regarding unemployment figures.

Then, trying to determine if Trump can ever be taken seriously, Alexander asked Spicer specifically about the voter fraud lie, and Spicer proudly proclaimed that Trump "still believes" it:

SPICER: No, but your point is, every time that he speaks authoritatively — that he speaks, he's speaking as the president of the United States.

ALEXANDER: 'More than 3 million Americans voted illegally' —

SPICER: Yes, and he still believes that!

ALEXANDER: — was he joking or does he believe that?

SPICER: He does believe it.

This is yet another disturbing pattern with this White House, which expects others to expend time and resources investigating Trump's lies. They have missed the deadline to provide Congress with evidence of Trump's lie about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, and Vice President Mike Pence is currently assembling a "task force" to investigate Trump's voter fraud lie.

Meanwhile, the actual plan to defeat ISIS that Trump promised he already had, then ordered others to come up with, is now two weeks late, and his actual revised Muslim ban is set to be defeated in court again. It is little wonder that Trump and his administration sticking to their favored conspiracy theories, when reality is this unkind to them.