Sen. Collins locks office doors, refuses to answer to constituents on secret GOP tax scam


With a potential vote to raise taxes on the middle class days away, Susan Collins is refusing to even meet with her constituents.

With the GOP tax scam being debated in conference and set for a vote next week before Doug Jones can take office, all eyes are on Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

Collins, a Republican, voted for the original Senate bill, which includes an individual mandate repeal similar to the one she voted down in July. She did so with the assurance that two other bipartisan bills would be passed to offset any coverage losses, even though neither bill would do any such thing — and Paul Ryan never committed to pass them anyway.

Collins’s constituents are furious and demanding to meet with her on the issue. But not only is she nowhere to be found — her staff actually locked protesters out of her Senate offices in Maine, in the middle of regular business hours.

According to one protester, over 50 people gathered at the office in below-freezing temperatures to make their voices heard, only to be met with a locked door and cold silence from their senator.

After a long wait, a member of Collins’s staff finally turned up — to threaten them with arrest:

For Collins to treat her constituents in this manner is inexcusable. The people of Maine deserve to know why she is ramming through a bill that blows up their health insurance and raises their taxes to pay off billionaires and big corporations.

Collins obviously knows the will of the people — she just has no interest in listening.