Senate GOP pushes lies about Biden's so-called 'radical agenda'


No, Joe Biden has not packed the court, defunded the police, or banned fossil fuels.

A new video by the Senate Republican Conference on Wednesday accused President Joe Biden of backing a "radical agenda" over his first 100 days. To make this case, they falsely slammed him for pushing policies that he does not even support.

"Actions speak louder than words, Mr. President," the Senate GOP tweeted while sharing the one-minute attack ad.

The video features black-and-white footage of Biden's 2020 victory and his pledge of striving toward "unity," along with clips designed to suggest Biden backs a series of policies he has expressly opposed.

The words "Packing the Supreme Court" appear on the screen as an unidentified news reporter is heard saying, "President Biden signing an executive order... that he wanted to add seats to the Supreme Court."

The caption "The largest tax increase in a generation (During a pandemic.)" follows, with audio of Vice President Kamala Harris promising to get rid of Donald Trump's 2017 tax policy.

The next caption asserts that Biden has embraced an "open borders immigration policy."

A Fox host is then heard asserting that Biden is "now under pressure from the Defund the Police movement," as the text "Defunding the police" appears on the screen.

Then, as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is heard praising the Green New Deal as "an important framework" for climate action, the words "BANNING FOSSIL FUELS and killing energy" appear over a photo of Biden.

The ad concludes with the claim that "THE RADICAL AGENDA IS HERE."

Almost none of those positions are actually part of Biden's agenda.


Biden has not endorsed an effort to pack the Supreme Court, nor has he changed its composition. As he promised during his campaign, Biden appointed a bipartisan commission on April 9 to study proposals to reform the high court and make recommendations.

Keeping another campaign promise, Biden has proposed to fund investments in infrastructure and families with higher taxes for those making more than $400,000 annually and for corporations — partially undoing Trump's failed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He has also proposed major tax credits for those who are not very rich and has already enacted an average 2021 tax cut of more than $3,000.

While he has rejected much of Trump's anti-immigrant approach, Biden has not embraced open borders. Several GOP lawmakers noted Wednesday that under Biden there has been an increase in the number of migrants apprehended and the amount of fentanyl seized by federal agents at the border.

Biden has repeatedly rejected calls to defund law enforcement while embracing efforts to address police violence and systemic racism. Indeed his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan for pandemic relief provided $350 billion to cash-strapped state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, ensuring that they have the needed funds to pay for first responders. Every single member of the Senate GOP opposed that legislation.

Biden has also neither banned fossil fuels nor endorsed the Green New Deal. He has backed massive investments in green energy and pledged to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change by at least half by 2030 — but repeatedly stated that the Green New Deal is not his plan.

Polls show that Biden's actual policies are supported by about two-thirds of American voters.

A CNN Poll released Wednesday found that 59% of Americans believe he is doing a good job of keeping the important promises he made as a candidate.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.