Senate humiliates Trump by repealing his fake national emergency


Still, roughly 80 percent of Senate Republicans voted to let Trump's fake emergency stand, siding with Trump over the Constitution.

The Senate on Thursday issued a humiliating blow to Trump when it voted to terminate his fake national emergency on the southern border.

The vote to repeal the bogus national emergency stood at 59 to 41, with 12 Republicans siding with Democrats to repeal the emergency and block Trump from going over Congress' head to raid already appropriated federal dollars to pay for his needless border wall.

Ultimately, however, 41 Republicans — including self-proclaimed "constitutional conservatives" such as Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Ben Sasse of Nebraska — voted to allow Trump's emergency declaration to stand, ultimately siding with their lawless leader over their own principles. That's nearly 80 percent of Senate Republicans.

Other Republicans who voted to let Trump keep his fake emergency include vulnerable GOP Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado and. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who initially excoriated the national emergency and said he'd vote to repeal it before reversing course just before the vote took place.

"It is my responsibility to be a steward of the Article I branch, to preserve the separation of powers and to curb the kind of executive overreach that Congress has allowed to fester for the better part of the past century. I stood by that principle during the Obama administration, and I stand by it now," Tillis wrote in a Feb. 25 op-ed in the Washington Post.

Tillis ultimately said he is hopeful Trump will support a yet-to-be passed bill that would limit Trump's emergency declaration powers in the future. Somehow, Tillis still believes Trump is a man of his word, despite Trump breaking numerous promises to back legislation over the past two years of his presidency.

It appears Tillis, a vulnerable GOP lawmaker who faces re-election in 2020, was scared of blowback from far-right primary voters.

Nevertheless, the emergency declaration was still repealed — despite the fact that Trump administration officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, begged GOP senators not to buck Trump.

The resolution now heads to Trump's desk — where he's expected to veto it.

And despite the fact that a majority of members of Congress voted to repeal the declaration, there is not enough GOP support to override that veto.

For the majority of congressional Republicans, fealty to Trump trumps the Constitution.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.