GOP senator stars at 'gun shoot' event after weekend of mass shootings


The host of the event blamed mass shootings on 'idiotic far-left ideology.'

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was featured as the "special guest" at a "gun shoot" fundraiser for a local Iowa lawmaker just one day after a weekend where dozens of Americans were killed in two mass shootings.

The "Sweet Freedom Celebration" event, held by Iowa state Rep. Steve Holt, was at the Crawford County Shooting Sports Complex on Monday night. The flyer for the event, posted by Holt, promoted a "Try On & Fire Gun Shoot" hosted by Foxhole Armament.

The flyer for the event touts "weapons on display" at the event and for a $25 fee attendees can "try on two weapons and fire them on the range."

Not only did Grassley appear at the event, but he chose to speak about gun violence while there.

"Tonight, I'm calling on law-abiding gun owners to lead the charge in the effort to keep dangerous individuals from purchasing guns and to expand access to mental health resources," he told attendees.

In addition to the unseemly juxtaposition of the shooting and the gun event, Grassley's host has extremist views on gun violence.

Holt blamed the shooting on "the loss of our value system brought about in part by idiotic far-left ideology that forced Biblical values from our schools, the media and the public square" in a Facebook posting.

The Associated Press reported that despite calls for him to cancel the event, Holt chose to go ahead with it.

"It is unconscionable for Holt and Grassley to participate in an event like this in the wake of this weekend’s horrific tragedies," said Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic in a statement. "Tonight‘s event should be canceled, and both of these elected officials should take immediate action to prevent an attack like this from happening in Iowa by passing comprehensive gun reform laws."

Grassley is a senior member of the Senate Republican leadership team and the president pro tempore of the U.S. Senate. He is in the presidential line of succession behind only Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Republicans, including Grassley, have sought to lay the blame for the shooting on anything but guns. But his participation in the gun fundraiser went beyond even that, to reveling in weapons while families are still grieving.

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