Senator Dick Durbin calls for special investigation into Trump's Russian ties


Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has called for a special investigation into a new intelligence report on the possibility that President-elect Donald Trump was compromised by Russia. "The American people need to know the credibility of these allegations of attempts to compromise the President-elect — his public statements about Russia and President Putin are even more worrisome in this context."

Following reports of the troubling intelligence assessment that suggests Donald Trump may have been comprised by Russia, Senator Dick Durbin has released a statement calling for a special investigation.

Durbin stated that the new report makes Trump's public statements about Russia "even more worrisome," and that the claims, "though unverified, warrant serious investigation by a Select Committee in Congress or a Commission of public officials and private citizens with subpoena power to investigate them."

"The allegation that an American President could be susceptible to blackmail by a hostile foreign government is historic and deeply troubling," said Durbin. "It makes the resistance of Republican leaders in the Senate and House to a fulsome investigation all the more inexplicable."

Indeed, in addition to raising further questions about Trump's disloyalty, the report serves to amplify the fair-weather patriotism and thundering silence of many Congressional Republicans.