Senior GOP senator gets hammered for 'protecting' Trump in deep red rural Iowa


At a recent town hall meeting, voters in a deeply Republican county in Iowa had a lot of questions for Chuck Grassley.

Harrison County, Iowa is not a place where you would expect to find discontent with Donald Trump. He carried it by 38 points.

And yet when GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley paid a visit to the small town of Logan, he was not met with universal enthusiasm.

Indeed, according to the Des Moines Register, Grassley found himself besieged by concerned constituents eager to know whether he was going to do anything about Trump’s visible lack of mental stability:

“We’re not hating. It’s not that we hate Trump,” replied Pat Crosley, 67, a home-school teacher from Kimballton who brought her two children to the meeting as a field trip. “We are recognizing behavior that’s not normal. We’re not psychiatrists, but we can see abnormal behavior when we see it.”

Grassley refused to give a straight answer on this issue, claiming he was not qualified to diagnose his mental state, but did concede Trump’s racist comments about “shithole countries” only served to detract “from the very important issue we’ve got to get solved” regarding the legal status of young immigrants.

Another constituent, 72-year-old nurse Shiela Ryan, attacked Grassley for “protecting the president and protecting his game about shifting the attention away from Russia.”

In general, Grassley has been one of the most partisan allies of Trump in Congress. In his capacity as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he stole a Supreme Court seat for Trump to fill. He claimed Trump’s favored package of tax cuts for billionaires was necessary to recognize the contributions of people who don’t blow money on “booze or women or movies

Most recently, he tried to get the FBI to criminally investigate veteran British spy Christopher Steele, despite knowing that he had credible, incriminating evidence against Trump in the Russia investigation.

But even in one of the reddest parts of his state, Grassley is now facing pressure to take the risks of Trump’s presidency seriously.

The GOP can no longer keep providing cover. It is time for them to admit that the “very stable genius” has problems.