Sessions incredibly suggests secular people may not understand the truth as well as religious people


During his confirmation hearing today, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) faced questioning from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who asked Sessions if he believes that secular people and religious people have equal claim to understanding the truth. Incredibly, Sessions replied that he is not sure.

Senator Jeff Sessions, if confirmed to serve as President-elect Donald Trump's Attorney General, will be tasked with enforcing the laws of the United States, and a major concern of his critics has been that he does not seem to understand or concern himself with those laws, especially around protecting equality.

In an yet another alarming indication that Sessions is unfit to serve in a role which demands a basic belief that all Americans are entitled to the same rights, he suggested during questioning from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse that people who are not religious may not be equally equipped to understand the truth as religious people.

After Sessions said that people's individual views should be respected, and that there should not be a religious litmus test for holding office in the United States, Whitehouse asked him: "And a secular person has just as good a claim to understanding the truth as a person who is religious, correct?"

"Well, I'm not sure," Sessions replied with a jaunty grin and a chuckle, which was met with a stony stare from Whitehouse.

This is just an incredible admission from Sessions, no less immediately following his claim to believe that people's individual views should be respected.

Suffice it to say that this atheist does not feel "respected" by hearing from the nominee for U.S. Attorney General that I may not understand the truth because I do not believe in a deity.