Shareblue exec: 'Illegitimate' Trump shouldn't pick lifetime justice


'There is no way that somebody who broke laws to get the White House should be giving us lifetime-appointed Supreme Court justices.'

This week's raft of guilty pleas and verdicts against former Trump advisers changes everything about how Trump's already-failing presidency should be viewed, as Shareblue executive editor Jess McIntosh pointed out in powerful detail.

On Wednesday night's edition of MSNBC's "All In," host Chris Hayes asked McIntosh what she makes of the criminal conspiracy that former Trump fixer Michael Cohen confessed to in his guilty pleas.

"Donald Trump's presidency is illegitimate. If you break U.S. Laws to get the White House, you are not a legitimate president," McIntosh replied, adding that, "The founders didn't put anything in place for what happens if a criminal steals the White House."

"There is no way that somebody who broke laws to get the White House should be giving us lifetime-appointed Supreme Court justices," she said, "especially if we know that he is trying to appoint one who believes that a president can't be investigated or indicted and will probably have to rule on that."

McIntosh also pointed out the bitter irony of Trump's racist persecution of immigrants, even as he and his inner circle commit serious crimes.

"Right now we are seeing a president who has broken the law, and his inner circle who has broken the law, and they are taking babies away from parents who have committed misdemeanors crossing the border without documentation," she said. "We are talking about felons in [Trump's] circle."

Trump's tenure in office had already been a miserable failure, but as McIntosh pointed out, things are different after this week. Cohen has implicated Trump in the commission of federal crimes, and Cohen attorney Lanny Davis promises there is much more to come.

Davis says Cohen is ready to spill to special counsel Robert Mueller information about the Trump Tower meeting, Trump’s advance knowledge of the Russian hacking operation, and possible state-level crimes involving the Trump Foundation.

And Manafort, facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life in jail, could very well end up cooperating as well.

Democrats have already begun canceling meetings with tainted Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but as McIntosh noted, the guilty plea by Cohen means that every Trump action is tainted by the crime that helped propel him into office. Nothing this illegitimate "leader" does should be allowed to endure.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.