Shareblue Media exec slams WH’s racist talking point: 'Dreamers aren’t lazy. Trump is.'


If chief of staff John Kelly is so bothered by "laziness," he might want to direct his attention away from hardworking Dreamers and toward his boss.

Donald Trump's tenure in the White House thus far has been marked by a blatant unwillingness to actually do any real work, while taking sham "working vacations" and refusing to even attempt to understand his own policies.

Indeed, Trump's version of being "hard at work" means yet another round on the golf course or live-tweeting Fox News.

So it was particularly galling to hear Trump's chief of staff John Kelly smear Dreamers who did not sign up for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as being "too lazy to get off their asses."

Shareblue Media Executive Editor Jess McIntosh called that racist statement out for the lie and the hypocrisy that it is.

"Dreamers aren't lazy. Trump is lazy!" McIntosh noted on MSNBC's "All In with Chris Hayes" Tuesday night.

During a White House meeting with law enforcement representatives and members of Congress, Trump actually declared that he'd "love to see a shutdown" if Republicans remain so intransigent on the issue of immigration reform.

But as McIntosh noted, "He hasn't even bothered to learn what happens when that happens!" Nor has he apparently absorbed any lessons whatsoever from the very recent GOP-engineered shutdown over this very topic.

And even some members of Trump's own party are publicly breaking with him over the potential of another shutdown.

"We're starting to see the first fraying of Republicans who are chafing at this idea, because they have to stand for midterms in November," McIntosh pointed out. "Barbara Comstock stood up today to the president's face — Republican from Virginia — and said, 'We don't need a shutdown over this.' That's unusual."

And if Trump "keeps grandstanding and bloviating like this, I think we're going to see more of them peel off."

For Trump, a shutdown probably just looks like a chance for another vacation, when he can spend time lashing out on Twitter and taking painfully obvious fake "working" photos.

But hundreds of thousands of American lives are in the balance here — people who work harder than Trump on any given day, and who deserve far better than having their futures toyed with in Trump's twisted political gamesmanship.

His refusal to do his job is already causing some Republicans to call him out. And if Kelly wants to root out "laziness" in this country, he can start in the Oval Office.