Ready to fight: Shock turns to steely determination among Clinton voters


With Hillary Clinton's substantial popular vote margin, the initial shock of Trump's unexpected Electoral College victory is rapidly congealing into a sense of resolve and purpose among her voters.

Tuesday was a gut-wrenching blow for American democracy, but one that has quickly stiffened the spine of those who share Hillary Clinton's progressive vision.

On social media, messages of defiance and determination are being shared, and Hillary's growing popular vote victory has given a sense of strength and purpose to Democrats and progressives.

The incontrovertible fact that more Americans share her values than Trump's is a beacon of hope for those who are stunned that he could be elected president.

USA Today reports that the 3.4 million strong Pantsuit Nation Facebook group is organizing for the long haul:

"If Hillary can get up this morning, put on her pantsuit and face the nation, we can too," wrote one member of the Pantsuit Nation, a group for Clinton supporters whose name is a nod to her customary outfit on the campaign trail. "The work never stops, my friends. Fight on."

With that sense of renewed purpose, the women and men of the Pantsuit Nation came together again on Wednesday. They pledged to continue building a viral movement, not yet a month old, that can advocate beyond the 2016 election for the rights of women, immigrants and minorities. The invitation-only group's administrators began work on a Pantsuit Nation platform, distributed a Google doc to collect ideas and convened a group-wide virtual meeting to brainstorm next steps.

Across the country, Democrats and progressives are girding for a long and tough political battle against the radical right's takeover of the US government.

It won't be easy, but as we know all too well, the road to justice and equality never is.