Shocking poll shows Paul Ryan embarrassingly close to unknown Democratic challenger


Paul Ryan's poll numbers are tanking — and he has no one to blame but himself.

Come 2018, House Speaker Paul Ryan might find himself struggling to keep his seat in Congress.

That's according to a new poll, which shows Ryan — one of the most recognizable names in politics — with a shockingly narrow 6-point lead over Randy Bryce, a largely unknown Democratic challenger.

Bryce entered the political scene with a viral video in June, but most Wisconsin voters remain unfamiliar with him. In the new poll, 79 percent of likely voters said they don’t even know enough about Bryce to say whether they view him favorably or unfavorably.

Despite his obscurity, Bryce has managed to pull himself within 6 points of beating Ryan, who has represented Wisconsin's 1st congressional district since 1999. Each time he has come up for re-election, Ryan has won by a comfortable margin.

But that might soon change, especially as voters get to know Ryan's challenger.

According to the new poll, Ryan's favorability is falling while his unfavorability numbers are on the rise, leading to an overall 10 point negative shift since August, when Ryan was called out by constituents at a fake "town hall" meeting.

Voters overwhelmingly say they're unhappy with the tax scheme that Ryan is championing, and they view him as out of touch with their needs.  They also "believe that he’s changed, that his rise has changed him and changed his priorities, and he’s not the same person he once was," Politico reports.

Even though he still has a narrow lead, Ryan is likely facing a tough road ahead. Bryce has raised more money than any other Democratic candidate in the country, and he's ready to make Ryan fight for his seat — forcing him to spent time and money campaigning at home, rather than going on the road and stumping for other Republican candidates.

And although the election is still nearly a year away, it's pretty embarrassing to look at those poll numbers and realize that voters dislike you so much that they're flocking towards a candidate they don't even know yet.