Shooting survivor slams Trump for failing on guns: 'Body bags and Band-Aids' aren't enough


A survivor of the 2017 Las Vegas massacre took on Trump and the GOP for their inaction on gun violence.

A survivor of the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas slammed Trump and Republicans for their refusal to act on gun safety during a CNN appearance on Monday night.

"This human carnage across our country stems from a selfish Republican Party. This has everything to do with promoting political careers at the expense of public safety. Make no mistake about it," said Brian Claypool.

Claypool called for an assault rifle ban, saying, "I'm pleading with people across the country: Start voting these Republicans out who keep making excuses.

"A president who says after the El Paso shooting — he said, Chris, the following: 'Let me send some resources to El Paso. We'll send you all the resources you need.' What are you planning on sending? Body bags and Band-Aids, instead of assault weapon ban? It's pathetic."

Trump's immediate response to the shooting was to blame video games and mental health, and explicitly said it was "not the gun."

Similarly, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has suppressed legislation passed in the House concerning gun safety and derided those pushing for action as engaged in "theatrics."

Americans want action on gun safety, but Republicans and their NRA allies continue to stand in the way. Shooting survivors like Claypool have had to suffer GOP inaction time and again, and they still have to now.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.