'Sir, I'm representing the Air Force.' Airman fact checks clueless Trump in Puerto Rico


The supposed commander in chief congratulated a service member in Puerto Rico, but managed to get even that simple task wrong.

By all accounts, Donald Trump was humiliated by his four-hour long trip to Puerto Rico to witness the Hurricane Maria recovery efforts.

It was, no doubt, awkward for him to travel to an island after completely botching aid efforts and essentially blaming it all on the mayor of San Juan, and rounding off the affair by saying that Puerto Rico was not a “real catastrophe” and complaining about how much money they have spent helping the island.

But incredibly, Trump found a fresh way to embarrass himself while giving a speech in honor of everyone who contributed to the rescue efforts.

As Trump thanked the various branches of the military for their service, he made a spectacular error:

TRUMP: What a job the Coast Guard has done throughout this whole — throughout this whole ordeal. They would go right into the middle of that — I mean, I don't know, I wouldn’t want to be doing it, but I want to thank everybody. I want to thank the Coast Guard. They are special, special, very brave people.

And a lot of people got to see the real Coast Guard during this incredible trouble, and especially I think here and in Texas was incredible what they did. So thank you all very much. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. Really appreciate it.

Would you like to say something on behalf of your men and women?

AIR FORCE REPRESENTATIVE: Sir, I’m representing the Air Force.

TRUMP: No, I know that.

Obviously Trump did not know that, or else he would not have spent nearly a minute singing praise for the Coast Guard.

The fact that the supposed commander in chief cannot even tell apart people from the various branches of the military he commands is completely inexcusable. But then, given that he recently complimented the Coast Guard on having “improved their brand,” it is unclear whether Trump even knew the Coast Guard was a branch of the military until recently.

Trump's lack of knowledge and dearth of competence is nothing new, yet it continues to be freshly embarrassing each and every time.