Sleeping on the sidewalk: Disabled protesters camp out 36 hours to stop health care repeal


Republicans in the Senate are barreling forward with their dangerous health care repeal bill. But disability activists are showing up to defend Medicaid, and their own lives.

Despite the fact that it is, as The New York Times notes, a "still-unclear plan," Republicans in the Senate are planning to move ahead with a procedural vote Tuesday to take up the debate on their disastrous health care repeal plan.

Even as some Republicans are openly stating that they don't even know what they will be voting on, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will apparently not be deterred.

But neither will those whose lives literally hang in the balance in this fight.


Activists with the disability rights organization National ADAPT set up camp steps away from the U.S. Capitol building Sunday night, to speak out against the bill's draconian cuts to Medicaid, a program that millions of Americans with disabilities rely on for their health care needs.

McConnell may have used lies to try to sway his colleagues who were nervous about those cuts, but the truth, embodied by these activists, was there on the ground for the nation to witness.

In contrast to his colleagues across the aisle, Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. Bob Casey stopped by the camp-out to show solidarity with the activists — and to buy them dinner.

The health care repeal plan, pushed by McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and Donald Trump — though not without confusion emanating from the Executive Branch — is wildly unpopular, and was already proving to be a massive, chaotic failure.

The potential move to simply proceed with repealing Obamacare and leaving the "replacement" portion for a later date was strongly objected to by women in the GOP.

And many of Trump's own supporters don't even like the plans being floated.

The activists camping out on the streets of D.C. know exactly why this bill is so despised, and what its passage would do to their lives and livelihoods.

And they will do whatever it takes to make sure their government has to face up to that reality.