Solidarity from Europe in the resistance against Trump


Those of us in the United States deeply troubled by the incoming Trump Administration and everything dangerous and destructive that it represents can take heart in the fact that we are not alone.

Yesterday, activists across Europe showed solidarity with the American resistance, protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States by unfurling banners and other signage on highly-visible bridges and other locations. The organizing group, BridgesNotWallsUK, had this message to the world on its webpage:

Bridges Not Walls

They further noted that in these displays of resistance,

...we will push back against the forces of hatred and division. We will extend a hand of solidarity to brothers and sisters in the USA, the UK and around the world.

We will build bridges between our communities and unite as citizens.

We will show we are here, and here for each other, and we’re not going anywhere — not one of us.

We will call loud and clearly for #bridgesnotwalls.

Collected under the hashtags #BridgesNotWalls and #BuildBridgesNotWalls, protesters and journalists published photos of the powerful actions on Twitter.

London, England:

Edinburgh, Scotland:

Dublin, Ireland:

Paris, France:

Madrid, Spain:

Berlin, Germany:

In the photo from Berlin, the protesters are standing in front of the last standing portion of the Berlin Wall — a moving message that the world has experienced the destructive power of walls before and overcome it.

The world has also experienced the destructive forces of ascendant authoritarianism and white supremacist nationalism before, and overcome them, too.

We stand with our brothers and sisters around the globe in resistance and thank them for their solidarity.