Sorry, Trump: Most Americans say immigration is a good thing


Trump wants to demonize immigrants, legal or not — but according to a new poll, the vast majority of Americans think immigration is good for the country.

Trump and Republicans are leading an all-out assault on immigration of all kinds — including legal immigration. They even think that ripping families apart is a good strategy for the GOP in the midterm elections.

But according to a new Gallup poll, the vast majority of Americans don't agree with this agenda at all.

A record-high 75 percent of Americans told Gallup pollsters that they think immigration is "a good thing" for the country.

This was true for both Democrats and Republicans. No matter what political party they identify with, most Americans think immigration is a good thing for the country — 85 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, and 65 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

The support for legal immigration was even higher, with 84 percent of all Americans saying they agree it's a good thing.

There's a reason Gallup asked about "legal immigration" specifically for the first time ever this year: to see what Americans thought about "attempts by the Trump administration to cut back on legal immigration."

And the results don't look good for Trump at all.

For years now, Trump has constantly insulted Latino immigrants by calling them rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. Recently, he's taken to calling them "animals" who will "infest" America. He wants Americans to associate all immigration, legal and illegal, with violent crime and degeneracy.

But as this new poll makes clear, Americans simply aren't buying into Trump's hateful rhetoric.

And Gallup has even more bad news not just for Trump, but also for Republicans in general: a majority of Americans do not want to reduce immigration.

Yet the GOP has been laser-focused on doing just that.

Trump has been working to drastically cut the number of legal immigrants allowed into the United States — from denying more visas than usual, to throwing kids in cages when their parents legally seek asylum at the border.

And Republicans plan to vote Thursday on bills that reduce legal immigration, along with making it harder for Dreamers to become citizens and funding Trump's border wall.

Only 29 percent of Americans want fewer immigrants to come to the United States. The majority, 67 percent, either want immigration levels to increase or to stay the same.

This overwhelming, record-high support for immigration among Americans is a stunning rebuke to the Trump administration and to the GOP.

If Republicans think they can keep their majority in Congress by bashing immigrants, they may be in for an unpleasant surprise in November.