Spicer accidentally confirms WH support of internet anti-privacy bill: 'When we sign it...'


Donald Trump is reportedly set to sign the devastating internet anti-privacy bill that the House Republicans just passed, and despite trying to be coy about it, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer just accidentally confirmed that he will.

Despite fierce opposition from Democrats, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives just passed a bill that shreds internet privacy by enabling internet service providers to sell customers' sensitive information without their consent.

While there was little mystery about whether Donald Trump would rubber-stamp such a measure, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer accidentally gave up the game.

The Trump administration has already released a Statement of Administration Policy (SOPA) in support of the measure, but when Spicer was asked about the measure during his daily press briefing, he tried to play coy about whether or not Trump would sign it.


Yahoo! News' Hunter Walker put the question to Spicer toward the end of the briefing, and pressed him on the wretched politics of the bill:

WALKER: Trump is reportedly expected to sign legislation that would allow internet service providers to monitor internet activity and sell that information without users' permission. Will he be signing that legislation, and why does he think it's good for America? I'm wondering who this benefits apart from ISPs and their executives.

SPICER: The House and Senate just passed that. When they enroll it, then we will have further updates on that. I know that I believe we have a statement of administration policy on that bill out. And when we have further updates on a signing ceremony, I will let you know.

WALKER: Doesn't this erosion of protections create major risks for people to use that information for nefarious purposes, also hostile nations potentially looking at what Congressmen are browsing online? Is that concerning to the White House?

SPICER: I think there's — as I mentioned, we have a statement of administration policy on that bill. We'll have further updates. When we do, we sign it, I'm sure we'll have details on why.

Given Trump's campaign as an alleged populist, he is going to have some serious explaining to do at that signing ceremony.