State Department admits tearing families apart harms children


Removing children from their families, as Trump has done, is harmful to children — and that's according to Trump's own State Department.

Trump's own State Department has described his actions on family separation as harmful to children's health.

The inadvertent admission was made in a State Department report on trafficking that warns against removing children from their families.

The Trump administration instituted a "zero tolerance" policy to prosecute all border crossers, triggering child separation for infants and toddlers, who have been held in tent cities, shipped to other states in the dead of night, and even kept in cages.

The policy of taking children from their parents has generated widespread outrage and protest, and even international condemnation.

The State Department study condemns this behavior.

"Removal of a child from the family should only be considered as a temporary, last resort," the study states.

It further notes that "studies have found that both private and government-run residential institutions for children, or places such as orphanages and psychiatric wards that do not offer a family-based setting, cannot replicate the emotional companionship and attention found in family environments that are prerequisites to healthy cognitive development."

That is what Trump has done to thousands of children, mostly of Latino descent.

In defending his abusive policy, Trump claimed stories of family trauma are "phony stories of sadness."

Trump has referred to immigrants as "animals" and "rapists," and has made stoking racial resentment toward them part of the Republican Party's electoral platform.

Now abuse of children — based on the definitions and reporting offered up by his own State Department — is a part of that bucket of deplorable ideas.

What Trump has forced the government to do hurts children. But he doesn't seem to care. In fact, he thinks it helps him.

"My people love it," he told his advisers last week, according to the New York Times.

Never mind that polls show a majority of Americans oppose the horrific practice. Trump doesn't care about the majority of Americans. And he doesn't care about the children he's abusing.

As long as he thinks his fans have his back on any horrible thing he does, that's all that matters to him.

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