Stephanie Ruhle hosts all-woman show, calls on other anchors to do same


"I'd love to tune in and watch a full day of extraordinary women."

Every year, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle puts her money where her mouth is by booking an all-female hour for International Women's Day. This year, she's calling on others to do the same.

"If you did not notice, all hour long I was joined by ten women, not talking about women's issues, not talking about women's empowerment, not talking about work-life balance," Ruhle said. "Top talented extraordinary smart women talking about news of the day."

"Every year I do this on International Women's Day," Ruhle added. "And at the end of my show people say 'I love that, I wish I did it.' This year, I invite all my friend in the news business do it, I did it the day before. I hope we inspire you, and tomorrow you'll follow suit. I'd love to tune in and watch a full day of extraordinary women."

Numerous studies have shown that men, particularly white men, dominate news shows as guests and panelists, despite being only half the population.

Ruhle is a strong advocate for women, and a tough, no-nonsense interviewer who sets an example for other journalists of any gender. Hopefully, others will follow suit by booking women for International Women's Day, and every day.