Stephanie Ruhle begs Ivanka to do more than a tweet to help caged kids


MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle took Ivanka Trump to task for failing to do anything at all to help children being hurt by her father's presidency.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle called out Ivanka Trump — supposedly an advocate for women and their families — for her continued refusal to help the children in crisis, torn from their parents and kept in cages by the Trump administration.

"Ivanka, you have said that you are a fierce advocate for the advancement of women and girls," Ruhle said as she directly addressed the camera. "You have to actually do it."

Ivanka Trump has remained largely silent on the issue of family separation. On Wednesday, she broke her silence with a tweet praising her father for signing an executive order that he did not need to sign to end family separations.

Ruhle called it a "nonsense tweet" and said the executive order is not enough.

"We don't know what is going to happen to those children," Ruhle continued. "I ask you: Please, go down there, go to Texas, bring us with you. Bring journalists that care, they're actually doing something and following this. We care about those kids. If you say that you do, then please take action. You're not just the first daughter — you are a senior adviser to the president. This ain't a photo op."

Despite Ivanka Trump's claims that she is an advocate for women and children, she has not used the considerable reach of her social media presence — she has the power to reach at least 18.5 million people — to advocate for the families harmed by her father's policies.

Instead, the public relations operation that works on her behalf has pushed journalists to write stories claiming that she has been an advocate behind the scenes.

As Ruhle noted, Ivanka Trump has only spoken publicly to back up her father, even though it was his policy decision that triggered the devastating separation of immigrant families.

Her public actions run contrary to the rhetoric she has often employed where she claims she believes in the rights of women and protection of children.

In reality, she has simply enabled the abuses of her father's administration and given aid and comfort to his openly hostile and racist world view.

While raking in millions of dollars in personal profit, Ivanka Trump has not used her elevated platform to help anybody unless they are related to her via blood or marriage.

Ruhle's commentary is a stark reminder that when the situation has demanded morals and honesty, Ivanka Trump has done nothing but enable the worst.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.