Steve Bannon declares 'overwhelming victory' for Trump as he's millions of votes behind


Trump is nearly 3.5 million votes behind Joe Biden.

Former Trump campaign chief and senior White House aide Steve Bannon said on Thursday that Donald Trump had "won an overwhelming victory" in the presidential election and falsely claimed, "the president was reelected."

During an interview on Fox Business, Bannon, who was recently indicted on fraud charges, also described fact checks from social media companies on Trump election lies as part of a "media apparatus" that is "trying to take President Trump down."

"The fact is Donald Trump won an overwhelming victory," Bannon said.

That is not true.

In fact, as Bannon spoke, the graphics from Fox News next to him showed former Vice President Joe Biden leading in the popular vote by nearly 3.5 million votes.

The graphics also showed, based on Fox's own call of state races, Biden leading Trump 264-214 in the electoral college, just 6 votes shy of the 270 needed for the presidency.

From the Nov. 5 edition of Fox Business' "Mornings with Maria":

MARIA BARTIROMO, Fox Business: Give us your assessment of what has taken place over the last 48 hours.


STEVE BANNON: President Trump won an overwhelming victory on Tuesday night with certifiable, verifiable, legal votes. The fact is the president was reelected. And the president — you know the Roman republic had the saying, "fortune favors boldness." It's now time to be bold and that's why you see people like Ric Grenell, Dave Bossie, Corey Lewandowski, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani involved in this process.


We've got to stop playing games here. We've got to stop playing games and allow this narrative that's coming up with the same people that used information warfare — you know, polls in Wisconsin showing him 17 points down, Charlie Cook saying it's going to be a historic landslide like Reagan beats Mondale. Those were lies. That wasn't just kind of guys getting data wrong. Those were lies. That part of the media apparatus — and social media keeps trying to take President Trump down, we talked about this for months on your show. That's all a lie. That's all a mirage.


The fact is Donald Trump won an overwhelming victory, and you see that in the Senate, you see that in the House, you see it in the state legislatures all down ticket.

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