Steve Bannon's exposed whiteboard proves he's exactly as racist as you think


A photo posted on social media by a White House visitor reveals that top Trump aide Steve Bannon has posted the administration's anti-immigrant agenda bullet by bullet, making plain Bannon's focus on divisive racial politics of hate.

A candid photo posted to Twitter by media personality Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has inadvertently revealed the depths of the administration's commitment to legislating bigotry.

On the wall behind Boteach and top Trump aide Steve Bannon, a whiteboard displays Bannon's detailed priorities for advancing Donald Trump's immigration agenda, confirming concerns about Bannon's focus on white nationalism and divisive racial politics.

Among the bullet points listed are cancelling federal funding to sanctuary cities, implementing "extreme vetting," suspending the Syrian refugee program, hiring border patrol agents, building the border wall, and supporting the passage of a law increasing prison time for deported felons caught committing crime.

Bannon previously ran the far right conservative news site Breitbart, promoting it as a platform for the white supremacist "alt-right" movement. And when he joined Trump's presidential campaign, he took Trump's outreach to the white supremacist factions of the right and placed it into pseudo-intellectual clothing in order to make the candidate more amenable to mainstream voters.

And as the Washington Post notes, "It’s important to bear in mind that this is Stephen K. Bannon’s list, which is no doubt why immigration is far more extensively detailed than health care." (emphasis original)

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) recently criticized Republican senators for not taking Bannon's bigotry and its proximity to the Oval Office seriously. And we are now seeing the impact of that dereliction of duty — like others in the racist, self-described "alt-right" movement, Bannon blames many of the problems in America on nonwhite immigrants, ignoring the contributions that immigrant diversity has brought to America and shunning it in favor of close-minded bigotry.

And now that hateful mindset is in the White House, and driving the presidential agenda.