Local editorial slams GOP congressman for refusing to stand up to Trump


Steve Chabot will do anything Trump wants, including shredding the U.S. Constitution.

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) has bent over backward to prove he's nothing but a Trump clone, but his latest act of Trump sycophancy is drawing fire from a local journalist who's alarmed by Chabot's willingness to shred the constitution for Trump.

In an editorial for CityBeat Cincinnati, reporter Nick Swartsell tore into Chabot for saying that he supports Trump's unconstitutional plan to end birthright citizenship using an executive order.

"Yes, I do support that," Chabot said when asked about Trump's plan at a debate Tuesday night, claiming that the 14th amendment was not intended to apply to "people sneaking across the border from Mexico, or a caravan coming up from Honduras or Guatemala."

In the lengthy editorial, Swartsell notes that Trump's plan is plainly unconstitutional, and that Chabot's support for it shows "either a basic lack of understanding of civics or an alarming willingness to throw the checks and balances inherent in our foundational document out the window."

"Chabot's unwillingness to push back at plainly-evident falsehoods promoted by the president in the pursuit of powers he does not have is also very dismaying," Swartsell writes.

In fact, Chabot echoed Trump's lies and fear-mongering at these debates, falsely claiming that the women and children seeking refuge from violence are "a danger to our country," and slurring undocumented immigrants as "illegals."

But Chabot's devotion for Trump extends well beyond his hostility toward immigrants. Like Trump, Chabot has exploited anti-Muslim racism to falsely attack his opponent. And just a few weeks ago, Chabot blew off a forum with black voters, but made time to appear at a rally where Trump praised Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Chabot has also made a regular habit of lying about his record of trying to gut health care protections for people with pre-existing conditions, just as Trump has. Chabot repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act without any replacement at all, which would have completely stripped away all protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

And Chabot voted for the failed Trumpcare bill, which would have allowed insurers to price sick customers out of the market entirely. He supports Trump's policies across the board, and has voted with Trump 96 percent of the time.

Chabot's willingness to go along with Trump should not be a surprise to anyone, but it is alarming evidence that he's the wrong person to represent the people of his district, or any decent American.