Mnuchin shamed for calling Trump's racism and attacks on press 'funny'


Steve Mnuchin has a twisted idea of humor.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin thought Trump's racist and despotic attacks at a campaign rally Saturday night were mere "funny moments." And he was deservedly shamed for it by NBC's Chuck Todd.

Trump's rally in Pittsburgh was more disgusting than usual. He launched racist attacks against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). He praised dictators. And he attacked the media.

One such attack was leveled at Todd, whom Trump called "sleepy-eyed" and a "sleeping son-of-a-bitch."

On Sunday morning's "Meet the Press," Todd played several clips from the rally, and pressed Mnuchin about the attacks.

"When [Trump] uses vulgarity to talk about individuals, what are [people] supposed to tell their kids?" Todd asked.

"Again, I'll be with my kids this morning. And I'll be focused on what the president is doing to protect the United States, its citizens ..." Mnuchin began.

"So he's not — don't worry about his values, don't worry about him as a role model?" Todd interrupted.

Mnuchin weakly objected. But he also said he's "very comfortable with what we're doing. I think you are trying to take this out of perspective and implying something I'm not saying."

"What are you supposed to say when he is using these vulgarities, to kids?" Todd pressed.

Mnuchin said people should not focus on what Trump says at a campaign rally, and that "Obviously, there were a lot of funny moments at that rally."

"They were hilarious," Todd drily replied.

Economic adviser Gary Cohn's resignation this week over trade policy underscores the high tolerance this administration's officials have for Trump's bigotry and despotism.

But Mnuchin is also yet another senior Trump official who freely admits that Trump is not a fitting example for children.

Unfortunately, Americans can't hide Trump from their children — for now, at least.