Stormy Daniel's lawyer: We have proof Trump is lying about hush money


The White House has no coherent explanations for their ongoing porn star scandal.

In a move that increases public pressure on the White House, Stormy Daniels' attorney on Friday suggested they already have evidence to prove that Trump knew about a hush-money payment that was made to the porn actor on the eve of the 2016 election.

It was a payment formulated by Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen and designed to keep quiet the fact that Trump had reportedly cheated on his new wife with Daniels in 2006 and 2007.

“We have substantial evidence and facts that were not included in the complaint,” Michael Avenatti told CNN's Chris Cuomo, when asked why he was so confident about the Daniels lawsuit that was filed this week. “When that evidence and those facts come to light, the American people are going to conclude that attorney Cohen and the White House have not shot straight with them on this issue.”

Earlier in the interview, Avenatti stressed the idea that Trump was unaware of the Daniels payment is "absolutely laughable."

He added that as the lawsuit progresses, "We're going to be able to obtain discovery and documents and testimony that's going to show, I am highly confident, that at all times Mr. Trump knew exactly what was going on."

Daniels reportedly received a $130,000 hush money settlement just weeks before the 2016 election. The settlement blocked her from discussing her affair with Trump.

On Tuesday, Daniels filed a lawsuit claiming that the agreement is invalid because Trump never signed it. His personal attorney did sign the non-disclosure pact. Cohen has claimed that he alone knew about the hush-money payment and that he arranged it all without Trump's knowledge, just days before the election.

If the court agrees with Daniels about the non-disclosure agreement, she will then be free to speak publicly about her relationship with Trump. In her lawsuit, Daniels is not seeking any money from Trump, just the chance to tell her story without the fear of being sued by Trump or his attorney for breaking her word.

Meanwhile, the story continues to tie Trump's team in knots.

At Wednesday's White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to wave the controversy off. But in the process she confirmed she had spoken to Trump about the Daniels scandal. She also tried to suggest the legal action had been settled because Trump's attorney had recently won an arbitration ruling on the case.

But that was a hearing and a ruling that Daniels' attorney said they were never even told about. It certainly doesn't appear to be blocking Daniels' lawsuit from going forward.

This story will only get worse for the White House.