Stormy Daniels mocks Trump with Saturday Night Live surprise


'I know you don't believe in climate change, but a storm is a-coming, baby.'

Adult film star Stormy Daniels embarrassed Trump in front of millions with a surprise appearance on this week's "Saturday Night Live."

During a lengthy sketch depicting a phone call between attorney Michael Cohen (played by Ben Stiller) and Alec Baldwin's Trump, the fake Cohen dialed up the actual Stormy Daniels.

The ersatz Trump asked Daniels, "What do you need for this to all go away?"

"A resignation," Daniels replied.

And when Baldwin's Trump asked, "I solved North and South Korea — why can't I solve us?" Daniels had a pointed message.

"Sorry, Donald. It's too late for that," she replied. "I know you don't believe in climate change, but a storm is a-coming, baby."

Although done as a comedy bit, Daniels' cameo marks the rare occasion that anyone has called on Trump to resign over his misconduct. And her bit also constitutes a canny use of television, the medium Trump has tried to use as a yardstick of his own power.

The hush money payoff to Daniels to attempt to ensure her silence about her affair with Trump continues to blow up. Trump was forced to do damage control over his new attorney Rudy Giuliani's multiple televised gaffes in which he continued to confirm the payment to Daniels, and to imply the existence of others.

Daniels speaking out in such a direct and high-profile manner means that Trump's terrible week could be far from over. And if Trump can't control himself and decides to respond to the bit, it could get a whole lot worse.