'Stupid question': Trump snaps at reporter for asking about his lawyer


In front of Emmanuel Macron, Trump lost it on a reporter doing his job.

The pressure of the Mueller investigation is getting to Trump, who snapped at a reporter Tuesday for asking about a possible pardon of Michael Cohen.

At a White House photo op with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump followed brief remarks by fielding a few questions from reporters, one of which really set him off. ABC News' Jon Karl asked Trump if he is considering a pardon of Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen.

After a momentary pause, Trump turned to Karl and snapped, "Stupid question!"

Trump's ire may have had something to do with the embarrassment of having his scandals dragged out in front of Macron. But he has also made a habit of lashing out at reporters just for doing their jobs. Trump even ejected a reporter from another Oval Office photo op in January for questioning his immigration policy.

And Karl's question is anything but stupid, given the fact that Trump has been publicly melting down about the prospect of Cohen "flipping" on him after Cohen's office was raided by the FBI. Trump also has a history of dangling pardons, like when he hinted he'd pardon his disgraced former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

That includes the suspicious timing of his recent pardon of Scooter Libby, which served as a convenient reminder of Trump's power just as Cohen was landing in the deepest of trouble.

Trump may not like the fact that his scandals intrude on attempts to make himself seem presidential, but that's not a function of any stupidity but his own.