Swiss citizens are trying to block Trump from meeting of world business leaders


A Swiss organization is circulating a petition against Trump’s appearance at the Davos economic forum.

Donald Trump’s decision to participate in the Davos economic forum in Switzerland is an unusual move.

And even before he has taken the stage, his attendance is sparking protests.

According to ABC, the Swiss NGO Compax is circulating a petition to demand event organizers remove Trump from the lineup for his language of "racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, misogyny, bellicosity, local climate modify denial, human legal rights abuse and a policy that deepens poverty and inequality."


Trump is the first president in two decades to attend Davos, and with good reason. The summit is not a diplomatic function, but primarily a gathering of the world’s economic and business elite, despite what Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin wants us to think. It is not a good look for a man whose pitch as a candidate was that he would put his wealth to work for the people.

And his impending speech in which he will boast to a stage of internationally mixed company about the “vindication” of his “America First” agenda — which includes blowing up world trade, reversing decades of international consensus on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and pulling the U.S. out of everything from the Paris climate agreement to UNESCO to a treaty on oil and gas corruption — is a particularly humiliating prospect for the United States.

When Trump speaks abroad, it tends not to go well. His decision to go to Switzerland is tone-deaf and sets the stage for yet another international embarrassment.