Teacher breaks down after deadly shooting: 'Society failed those people today'


The latest deadly school shooting is a horrific national failure.

On Wednesday afternoon, a gunman opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. At least two are reported dead and another 14 injured.

The Broward sheriff's office reported that the suspected shooter had been taken into custody. As of Wednesday evening, the SWAT team was still clearing the school.

The incident, which was photographed in real time by terrified students, is the 18th school shooting so far this year.

Speaking to CNN, a teacher at Douglas High broke down in emotion.

"I just know that this is, like, the worst nightmare of a scenario that you hope never happens to you," she said, audibly choking up. "And all these — you know, I was listening in earlier to the, to some of the commentators. And — and — it really speaks to those of us who actually, who work at schools, and with children, and our society's inability to solve this problem is totally unacceptable."

"Society failed those people today," she finished.

We will learn more about the tragic event in the coming hours and days. But whatever we learn, it is imperative we work toward justice for the victims and for their loved ones, and the safety of our communities.