GOP congressman complains about Democrats trying to keep people safe


Rep. Ted Budd is worried that stay-at-home orders to prevent spread of the coronavirus might 'destroy things.'

From the April 2 edition of "The Todd Starnes Show":

TODD STARNES: In Memphis, Tennessee, the mayor there, who's a Democrat, he was telling folks that, you know, don't go to the parks anymore so they shut down the roads leading to the parks. It's just unbelievable some of the things that people are doing out there, congressman.


REP. TED BUDD (R-NC): Well, I don't doubt when you see when these mayors and these folks when their elections are, often the more draconian rules are coming with those that are Democrats that don't have an election in 2020, and they feel like they can get away with a lot more.


STARNES: Good point.


BUDD: Their socialistic bent tends to come out right now. Yes, we want everyone to be safe, we want to flatten this curve, we want to get back to normal, we want to reopen the economy, and of course, we have to get over this, the health aspect of this before we can open the economy, but at the same time let's not destroy things so that when we are healthy, we can come back to a growing economy again.

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