Ted Cruz brags about enabling deadly school massacres after Sandy Hook


Sen. Ted Cruz helped kill a bill to prevent more school massacres. And he's proud of it.

An overwhelming majority of Americans supported moderate gun safety reforms after the Sandy Hook massacre. But Texas Republican Ted Cruz is happily claiming credit for killing those reforms in the Senate.

Cruz gleefully explained to his fellow conservatives at CPAC what he did after 6 adults and 20 children between the ages of 6 and 7 were killed at Sandy Hook in 2012.

"Republicans were falling all over themselves scared" to pass legislation, he said. "You had Chuck Schumer and the Democrats saying 'now we're going to pass massive gun control legislation.' Well we beat that, and I was a brand-new baby freshman senator and happily led the fight against it."

The bill, which would have expanded background checks to gun sales made at gun shows and over the internet, had majority support. But due to Republican obstruction, the Senate did not have the 60 votes needed to come to a final vote.

NRA opposition, working through the Republican Party and senators like Cruz, killed a bill 9 out of 10 Americans supported.

Since Newtown, there have been several mass shootings in America, including shootings at Aztec High in New Mexico, Umpqua College in Oregon, and Stoneman Douglas High in Florida.

After the Stoneman Douglas shooting, Cruz appeared on Fox News and laughed at the idea of doing anything about school violence.

"The reaction of the Democrats to any tragedy is to start to politicize it," he said the day after the shooting. "So they immediately start calling that we’ve got to take away Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. That’s not the right answer."

A week later, Cruz still doesn't have an answer of his own.

Instead, he is callously demanding credit for opposing reform that might have prevented numerous gun massacres since Sandy Hook.

Meanwhile, the death toll for American children continues to rise. Some credit is owed to Ted Cruz.