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Ted Cruz is mad that a Fox News host wasn't nicer to Trump during the debate

Trump’s biggest fans are sticking by him after a disastrous debate performance.

By Tana Ganeva - October 01, 2020
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Donald Trump’s debate performance Tuesday was widely panned across the political spectrum. CNN’s Dana Bash called it a “shit show,” and even Fox News host Brian Kilmeade questioned Trump’s decision to signal the white supremacist Proud Boys by saying they should “stand down and stand by,” rather than condemn them.

But Trump’s die-hard fans are sticking by him, including Fox News host Sean Hannity, who accused the media of directing “vile” attacks and “bile” against the president. On Thursday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) also tweeted that Trump’s chaotic debate performance was the result of anti-Trump bias by moderator and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.

“…Everyone agrees Tuesday’s debate was a train wreck,” Cruz wrote. “A major contributing fact was the moderator Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, repeatedly interrupting to try to help Joe Biden. The next debate is set to be moderated by a former intern to…Joe Biden. (And Ted Kennedy.)”

Wallace spent the majority of Tuesday night intervening as Trump attacked and insulted rival Joe Biden and his family repeatedly. During a few exchanges, Trump’s continued badgering prompted Biden to respond with his own tongue-lashing.

“Are you going to pack the court? Are you going to pack the court? He doesn’t want to answer,” Trump said at one point.

“Will you shut up, man?” Biden responded.

The pestering continued.

“I think the country would be better served if we allowed both people to speak with fewer interruptions. I’m appealing to you, sir, to do that,” Wallace said eventually, directing his comments toward Trump.

“And him, too,” Trump said.

“Well, frankly, you’ve been doing more interrupting than he has,” Wallace responded.

Wallace, respected in the media as a “tough interviewer” and a seasoned veteran, is currently the host of “Fox News Sunday,” the conservative network’s Sunday morning politics show. Wallace worked previously for ABC News as the host of “Primetime Thursday,” and was a reporter for NBC News and the Boston Globe before that.

During his time at Fox News, which has been slammed for it’s openly Trump-friendly programming (Trump’s preferred news show, “Fox & Friends,” often hosts 45-minute long phone calls with him and frequently goes to bat for him) the anchor has drawn the ire of conservatives for his analysis of major news events, which is at times critical of Republicans and Democrats alike.

Wallace is indeed a registered Democrat, however the Washington Post noted in a 2006 interview with the anchor that his affiliation was “driven by simple pragmatism.”

“The reason I’m a registered Democrat is that in Washington, D.C., there is really only one party,” he claimed at the time. “If you want a say in who’s going to be the next mayor or councilman, you have to vote in the Democratic primary.”

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