Ted Cruz says Trump's historically corrupt EPA is somehow Obama's fault


The head of the EPA is at the center of half a dozen self-inflicted scandals, but Sen. Ted Cruz is desperately trying to find a way to blame President Obama for it.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is under fire for a series of scandals and allegations of mismanagement.

But according to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the embarrassing headlines exposing Pruitt's excessive spending, sweetheart deals, and ethically questionable decisions are the handiwork of President Barack Obama.

The source for Cruz's complaint is a right-wing blog called "The Lid." Other stories on the site make it clear that it is part of the world of crank-heavy conspiracy sites on the right, and not real news or journalism.

The site accuses singer Katy Perry of contributing to the death of a Catholic nun, claims Facebook is censoring conservative sites (it isn't), and alleges that President Obama used government funds to spread socialism in Europe.

That is the content from the fevered swamp that Cruz chose highlight from his elevated platform as a senator.

It's the kind of unhinged and completely baseless claim Trump himself has made for over a year, insisting that President Obama is the shadowy leader of the so-called "deep state" that is secretly trying to undermine his presidency. Trump has blamed his repeated mistakes on this completely invented group.

But President Obama is not the cause of dysfunction and scandal at Trump's EPA.

Those problems fall squarely at the feet of Pruitt and the administration that hired him.

Most Senate Democrats opposed Pruitt's nomination, while every Republican except Maine's Susan Collins voted for him.

When Pruitt got a sweetheart deal for a condo from a lobbyist, charged taxpayers for luxury flights, and took his 24/7 security detail with him on a family trip to Disneyland, he did so using the power Trump gave him.

Faced with another senior Trump official under fire and likely on the edge of being purged, Republicans are reflexively defending Pruitt.

Perhaps enamored with his favoritism for big industry and Republican donors over the environment, others like Sen. Rand Paul (R-TN) have come out to support him.

The stink generated by Pruitt's failures is tainting the entire Republican Party, and Cruz's absurd effort to blame President Obama will not work.

But Cruz's entire brand is about public advocacy for things America doesn't like, so he's on message.