Ted Cruz asks for money to fight 'radical left' as Trump mob takes over Capitol


'I need your help in this fight to push back against the radical left to get our message out,' Cruz said in the fundraising text.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) sent a fundraising text asking for money to help in his efforts to overturn Donald Trump's loss to President-elect Joe Biden — a text that went out at the very moment violent mobs of Trump supporters were taking over the U.S. Capitol, endangering lawmakers and staff who work in the building.

"The Democrats are aiming the full force of their fire at me, and they're not going to be letting up any time soon," the fundraising message reads. "I need your emergency support right now."

Cruz is one of the congressional Republicans leading the effort to block the certification of Biden's Electoral College victory.

Before violent Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building and shut down the Congression hearing to certify Biden's win, Cruz had objected to certifying Biden's Electoral College win in Arizona.

In a speech before Trump supporters unleashed chaos at the Capitol, Cruz explained why he was objecting to Arizona's results.

"I would urge to both sides, perhaps a bit less certitude and a bit more recognition that we are gathered at a time when democracy is in crisis," Cruz said in a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday. "Recent polling shows that 39% of Americans believe the election that just occurred quote 'was rigged.' You may not agree with that assessment, but it is nonetheless a reality for nearly half the country."

He added, "Even if you do not share that conviction, it is the responsibility, I believe, of this office to acknowledge that is a profound threat to this country and to the legitimacy of any administrations that will come in the future.

A spokesperson for Cruz told Politico's Elena Schneider that the text was "automated" and that Cruz "would not send this out" as violent mobs were occupying the Capitol.

"He's dismayed by what's happening at the Capitol."

After the violent mobs took over, Cruz sent two tweets calling for peace.

"Violence is always unacceptable," Cruz tweeted. "Even when passions run high. Anyone engaged in violence — especially against law enforcement — should be fully prosecuted. God bless the Capitol Police and the honorable men & women of law enforcement who show great courage keeping all of us safe."

Cruz later implored the mobs to leave.

"Those storming the Capitol need to stop NOW," Cruz tweeted. "The Constitution protects peaceful protest, but violence — from Left or Right — is ALWAYS wrong. And those engaged in violence are hurting the cause they say they support."

However, Cruz's words were not enough for some.

"If you did anything to sow doubts and distrust about legitimate election results, you contributed to making this one of the darkest days in American history," former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) tweeted. "Shame on you."

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