'The execution has been horrifying': Trump loses staunch ally Curt Schilling over Puerto Rico


Even steadfast supporter and Breitbart employee Curt Schilling had nothing nice to say about Donald Trump's disastrous response to Puerto Rico.

Breitbart columnist and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling ripped Donald Trump's response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, calling the administration's inadequate efforts "horrifying."

Schilling can usually be counted on as one of Trump's most reliable allies, even holding a rally for him weeks before the election.

But even he didn't mince words when speaking about the administration's disastrous response to Puerto Rico in an interview on Fox.

Schilling, who is on the ground assisting with relief efforts, described a bleak situation on the hurricane-ravaged island, saying the death toll is likely to rise into the thousands.

"These are Americans," Schilling said. "If this were Houston, Texas there’d be 55,000 soldiers on this island right now.”

Schilling acknowledged that funding and supplies have been released, but added: "The execution on the ground has been horrifying."

When you've lost Curt Schilling, you know you've got a problem on your hands.

Will Trump listen to his staunch buddy, or will Schilling be the next target of his rage-tweets?