The miracle isn't that Trump has a chance of winning, it's that Hillary does


Blink, and Election Day will be here. We're that close. Polls are bouncing around, causing nerves to fray on all sides. But no matter what happens on Tuesday, one thing is for certain: The fact that Hillary Clinton is this close to the presidency is mind-boggling.

After a brutal 18-month assault on her character, Hillary Clinton is on the cusp of smashing a 227-year barrier. That is the wonder of where we stand at this inflection point in U.S. history.

Virtually all the punditry I've seen in 2016 assumes that Hillary has an obligation to win and that any good polls for Trump are somehow miraculous aberrations that he should get fawning credit for.

But the reverse is true. Trump swatted away sixteen GOP candidates with a few tweets and insulting nicknames. Among them were some of the best funded and most prominent Republicans in the country. He is a strong candidate tapping into rage and hate, two powerful and motivating human emotions.

In an ideologically divided nation, he is a crasser, cruder, more ruthless version of the typical male Republican nominee. He should be winning, not Hillary. And by a big margin.

The fact that he is trailing is a testament to Hillary's indomitability. And the fact that she is holding firm after one of the greatest character assassinations in political history, is categorical proof of her integrity.  She has endured the kind of forensic vetting that would ruin most people, and she is still smiling and maintaining her dignity as Trump wallows in the gutter.

Yes, the miracle is that Hillary is within days of making history. Let's help make it happen.