'The Republican Party is cheerleading for a pedophile.' Shareblue Media exec shames the GOP


The Republican Party is enthusiastically backing the candidacy of an accused child molester. Democrats must make sure that no one is allowed to forget that fact.

The Republican Party has long championed itself as the party of "family values." But no definition of that term could possibly include supporting the candidacy of an accused child molester.

And as Democrats are readily holding their own members accountable for unearthed histories of sexual harassment, it is crucial not to let the GOP or its supporters off the hook for their acceptance of far more heinous acts within Republican ranks.

As Shareblue Media Executive Editor Jess McIntosh noted plainly on MSNBC Saturday morning, the GOP's blatant hypocrisy on the subject of morality and character must not go unchallenged.


Regarding the accusations of harassment against Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken, who recently announced his resignation, McIntosh not that while the conversation Democrats are having now is an uncomfortable one, it is also highly necessary.

"I want to do that at the same time we say that the president is an admitted sexual predator and the Republican Party is cheerleading for a pedophile," she declared.

Host Joy Reid agreed, and noted that the many women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment and abuse are "waiting for their moment of justice, too."

"What we're seeing right now is a backlash to the fact that we elected a man who had admitted doing this, and he got away with it," McIntosh said.

Trump held a rally a stone's throw away from Moore's home state Friday night, during which he followed up his repeated and full-throated endorsement of the accused pedophile by imploring the crowd there to support Moore.

Because to Trump and his party, electing a Democrat is a far worse fate than putting someone alleged to have preyed on young girls into the U.S. Senate.

This is the twisted "morality" of the modern Republican Party. And while Democrats must continue to hold their own members to account for any misconduct or abuse, it is imperative to make sure the entire nation knows that the other side is wagging their finger at the left with one hand, and shaking hands with an accused child molester with the other.