'The vice president's exposed himself as a titanic fraud.' Pence gets skewered on Morning Joe


GOP strategist Steve Schmidt and the "Morning Joe" crew didn't mince words when it came to Mike Pence's lies and complicity on Russia.

Mike Pence has told lie after lie about the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia and his own role in and awareness of the various elements of that scandal.

Pence likes to try to portray himself, with furrowed brow, as an honest man who has no idea whatsoever about any nefarious dealings between his cronies and a hostile foreign adversary.

But Republican strategist Steve Schmidt offered a different take on Pence's character.

"The vice president has exposed himself as a titanic fraud," Schmidt noted succinctly on MSNBC Tuesday morning.

On Monday, newly surfaced documents revealed that Donald Trump Jr. had been in contact with WikiLeaks for over a year, doing the organization's bidding by promoting its work to members of the Trump campaign and urging his father to tweet about the hacked emails of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

And on the exact same day that Trump Jr. tweeted a link to WikiLeaks' site, Pence was insisting — as he did before, completely unprompted — that no one in the campaign had any contact with the group.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Pence claimed.

In fact, almost nothing could be closer to the truth than the Republican presidential nominee's own son.

And this is only the latest lie from Pence in regard to the Russia scandal. As Rachel Maddow noted in September, Pence "did bluntly assert multiple times that there had been no contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia during the campaign." When he claimed that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn never discussed sanctions with Russia, or that he had no idea in general of Flynn's comprised nature, he was flat-out lying.

And Pence tried to insist that the firing of FBI Director James Comey had nothing to do with the Russia investigation, even though he was in the room when that exact reasoning was discussed.

This "non-stop lying" from Pence needs to be put front and center for the American people, Schmidt noted on "Morning Joe."

Co-host Mika Brzezinski expressed her own impatience with Pence for his façade of being "willfully stupid and not asking questions."

"Wouldn't you care as an American who loves this country" about attacks on our democracy, she asked.

"Absolutely," Schmidt concurred. "And I think that, over these months, the vice president's exposed himself as a titanic fraud."

"100 percent of the time, 100 percent of the people around this administration, when asked a question about Russia and Russian involvement in this election, they lie about it," Schmidt declared.

"Not 99 percent of the time. Not 99.9 percent of the time. 100 percent of the time."

Schmidt also noted that Pence, who is about as anti-gay as it gets, has remained in the weak-willed "if true" contingent thus far regarding the horrific allegations of pedophilia and sexual predation against Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore.

Between his willingness to lie to the public about collusion with a hostile nation in its attacks on our country, and his unwillingness to denounce a man accused of multiple acts of pedophilia and sexual abuse of teen girls, Pence has not only proven himself to be a "titanic fraud."

As was already apparent even before the election, he has also shown himself to be just as void of character and conscience as the man in the Oval Office.