'This is not Fox.' Joy Reid shuts down Trump adviser who implies Clintons killed someone


A Trump adviser tried to spew defamatory lies about the Clintons. Joy Reid was having none of it.

One day after her epic call-out of pro-Trump pastor Mark Burns, MSNBC's Joy Reid was at it again, shutting down a Trump surrogate who came to defend Donald Trump's racism with defamatory talking points about Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday morning's "AM Joy," Diversity Coalition for Trump adviser Stephanie Hamill joined Reid and a panel that included journalists Jennifer Rubin and Anushay Hossain.

Hamill jumped right in with both feet to defend Trump's racist rant about "shithole countries," denying the repeatedly verified comments and calling it "the biggest fake news story of the week." She then raged that people are angrier at Trump than "at the Clintons for getting rich off of poor Haitians," and launched into a completely false conspiracy theory that implied that the Clinton Foundation had ordered a man's killing.

Reid was having none of it, asking if Hamill had been furnished talking points prior to the interview, and putting her on notice that this was not a Trump propaganda channel where such behavior is welcomed.

"This is not Fox News," Reid reminded Hamill.


REID: Hold on a second, let me ask you a question, Stephanie. Did you get talking points before you came here, from the RNC or the White House? Because it's interesting that yesterday, Mark Burns, who was the surrogate that we had on on the Trump side yesterday tried to roll out the same Clinton stuff. Did you get talking points before you came here?

HAMILL: Joy, I didn't get talking points. This is something I've covered for many years ...

REID: Hold on. I don't know you, Stephanie, we don't know each other, but let me just explain to you: This is not Fox News. We're not going to play the game of rolling out crazy conspiracy theories in the answers to my questions.

Reid returned to Hamill later in the segment, but Hamill had to be repeatedly interrupted by the host and other panelists for making false statements about immigration and Trump policies.

Unfortunately, it isn't just Fox News that gives a platform to Trump's lies. But while even mainstream outlets allow Trump and his surrogates to spew falsehoods unchallenged, Joy Reid consistently sets an example that other journalists should follow.