Thousands of women across the country plan to march against President Trump on Saturday


In another signal that the Donald Trump presidency is far from normal, the day after he takes office, he will be greeted by protests across the United States — one in nearly every state. Thousands of women will be marching to fight back against Trump's history of sexual assault and his sexist and racist statements.

As Donald Trump takes the oath of office, thousands of women across the United States are preparing protest signs and readying their go-bags. In what promises to be the largest inauguration protest in history, women across the nation will be taking to the streets to protest a man and a presidency that promises to be blatantly and dangerously anti-woman.

Over 250,000 have RSVP'd for the March on Washington, and thousands more have signed up to attend events in their own cities around the nation.

And women's organizations are getting in on the march. EMILY's List, an organization that works to train and support women who are running for office, will be holding a training on Saturday following the March on Washington, which will focus on how to run for office under a Trump presidency.

EMILY's List president Stephanie Schriock commented in a press release:

Women are watching the Trump presidency and Congress, and we’re going to be ready from day one to stand up against the GOP’s dangerous agenda. That starts with marching and continues with recruiting and electing more Democratic women to offices across the country.

The resistance is growing, and with the Indivisible movement recruiting more and more people to put pressure on their candidates and elected officials, it will surely continue to gain steam.

A resistance movement this strong may not be typical. But it is heartening, as these protests are sure to overshadow the beginning of the Trump presidency, forever marking him as an unpopular president who was protested from day one.