To ISIS, Trump's travel order is 'Blessed,' proves they succeeded in scaring us


New reporting by Rukmini Callimachi, a leading journalistic voice on Islamic extremism, confirms what many warned would be a result of Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies: The violent cadre known as ISIS is openly celebrating. As ISIS sees it, "they succeeded in scaring the daylight out of America."

Reporting from Mosul, New York Times journalist Rukmini Callimachi, who has made a name for herself with her comprehensive analysis and reportage about Islamist extremism, is on the front lines of the Iraqi government’s battle against ISIS.

In a recent Twitter thread, Callimachi first discussed non-extremist Iraqis’ interest in Donald Trump's Muslim immigration ban:


More interestingly, and alarmingly, Callimachi revealed ISIS is celebrating the Muslim ban.

ISIS reportedly sees the ban as evidence that they have succeeded, through their terror tactics, in pushing the most powerful leader in the world into changing American policies. ISIS even has a special name for Trump’s Muslim ban — they call it "the Blessed Ban":

As we have seen play out since Trump signed the executive order, the Muslim ban hurts the very people who have supported the United States within Iraq and other countries, and who are being victimized themselves by ISIS and other violent extremists. Speaking from the now liberated streets of Eastern Mosul, Callimachi observed the same thing:

During one of the presidential election debates, Hillary Clinton warned that "what Donald Trump says about Muslims is used to recruit fighters" for Islamist extremist terrorist groups. She was right.

Now ensconced in the White House, and less than three weeks into his tenure, Trump has succeeded in giving ISIS a victory while undermining the values for which the United States stands.