Steve Mnuchin tries to hide video of children embarrassing him


Trump's treasury chief got owned by a sixth-grader.

Trump Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has blocked the release of video from a public event where he was grilled by a sixth-grader and repeatedly heckled by the crowd at the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations.

During a 45-min lecture with audience questions, a sixth-grade boy earned cheers from the crowd when he asked Mnuchin about the Trump tax scam.

"You helped cut taxes for the wealthy, which makes them even richer," the boy said, pointing out the immense cost of those tax cuts, and the millions who will lose health insurance.

"How can you live with this?" he asked.

The audience hissed Mnuchin when he tried to blow off the question with talking points about "middle class tax cuts."

Mnuchin responded to the embarrassing spectacle by retracting his permission to share official video of the event from the Burkle Center. Audio of the talk was made available by another website, but the only video available is whatever was shot by those in attendance.

Steve Mnuchin has been the subject of several high-profile embarrassments, including lying about having performed an analysis of the very tax scam that the young man asked about.

Unfortunately, the Trump administration reflex to cover up served Mnuchin poorly. The videos got out anyway, and his attempt to block it just exposed his own pettiness and embarrassment.