Trump: A president under investigation can't 'govern or lead'


Three days before the 2016 election, Donald Trump said it would be "impossible" for government to work and "virtually impossible" for a president to "govern or lead" while under criminal investigation.

We now know for certain that there is a current and ongoing FBI investigation into Donald Trump's ties to Russia.

We also now know, as FBI Director James Comey publicly confirmed, that the FBI has been investigating links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 election since July — four months before Election Day.

Two days before the election, Hillary Clinton was absolved of any wrongdoing by the FBI for the second time.

The day before, however, on November 5, Trump was telling his supporters that it would be "impossible" for government to work and "virtually impossible" for Clinton to "govern or lead" while under criminal investigation:

TRUMP: We need a government that can work and work well from day one for the American people. That will be impossible with Hillary Clinton, the prime suspect in a massive, far-reaching criminal investigation. Her current scandals and controversies will continue throughout her presidency and will make it virtually impossible for her to govern or lead our country.

Of course Clinton was not under "a massive, far-reaching criminal investigation" at the time. The FBI was simply reviewing additional emails found on a staffer's laptop.

But Trump went further. According to a press release about the Nevada event still posted on his campaign website, Trump predicted that "the great special agents of the FBI" would indict Clinton, which would create a "constitutional crisis."

It is very likely that FBI Director Comey, and the great special agents of the FBI, will be able to collect more than enough evidence to garner indictments against Hillary Clinton and her inner circle – despite her efforts to disparage and discredit them. If she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. In that situation, we could very well have a sitting President under felony indictment and, ultimately, a criminal trial.

It would grind government to a halt.

Trump may be right that a constitutional crisis is exactly what we have coming. He just got the wrong presidential candidate.