Trump is addicted to racist TV — and Americans are paying for the fallout


There is no onslaught at the southern border, but Trump is channeling the idiocy of Fox News and forcing the National Guard to be used as props to satisfy his delusions.

Infantile, despotic, third-rate dictators and tyrants throughout history have often been enabled by teams of servile underlings.

One of the roles of these underlings is to move heaven and earth to construct a dog and pony show to feed the egos of insecure leaders.

The dog and pony show has now come to America, and it is operating on a grandiose scale that has made the country an international laughingstock.

There is no crisis at the border. There are more than enough agents deployed along the southern border to deal with migrants seeking refuge in the United States.

Yet, the Department of Homeland Security has been forced to quickly scramble and coordinate with state governments and the National Guard to arrange some sort of deployment to the border region.

Why will thousands, if not millions, of dollars have to be spent to put on a show for Trump and his backers in the Republican Party?

Because he can't stop watching television.

While millions of Americans are otherwise occupied with making themselves and their families productive citizens, Trump indulges in "executive time," his team's moniker for when the most senior-ranking federal official watches Fox News.

We know Trump spends so much time doing this because he doesn't even have the decency or insight to pretend otherwise. He live-tweets Fox News, spreading the right-wing network's lies further than its cable/satellite signal goes.

It is on Fox where Trump got the idea that a caravan of Latinos was headed for the border wall. He did not bother to look into what the caravan actually is — a human rights march highlighting the problems with violence in Central America.

All it took was some imagery and typical Fox News scaremongering, and Trump was again pounding the table for a militarized southern border.

When he just a talking head on television, his penchant for believing conspiracies was stupid but not harmful.

Now, with the resources of the federal government at his disposal, there is a toxic brew of resources and stupidity.

The Department of Homeland Security is now working along with local governments to figure out how to send National Guard troops to the border. They won't be armed, and they will have little to do.

There aren't any masses of people for them to apprehend or turn back. Trump may as well have told America that he was deploying the National Guard to prevent the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus from entering the continental United States.

When thugs like Hugo Chavez or Kim Jong Un make absurd assertions that are parroted and regurgitated by their inner circles, the world widely and rightly ridicules and condemns it.

That is the company America now keeps, thanks to Trump's detachment from facts and reality.

It is one thing for him and his team to roll around in the muck of ignorance, but the entire nation is now being smeared by their collective delusion and drawn into their web of lies and deception.