Trump audaciously says millions of Americans 'don't care about killings'


Trump used his weekly address to launch an unhinged attack on Democratic leaders in California who are resisting his racist immigration policies.

Trump used his weekly address to the nation to unleash a hateful attack on his fellow Americans. He accused California politicians resisting his immigration policies of supporting lawlessness. And he indirectly slammed the voters in that state who support their government's actions.

In the video, produced by the White House, Trump claimed California is "sheltering dangerous criminals." He argued that actions by the state are "lawless." He labeled it a "brazen and lawless attack on our constitutional system of government."

And he went so far as to claim that Democratic leaders of the largest state in the nation don't care about protecting people.

"They don't care about crime, they don't care about death and killing, they don't care about robberies," he rambled.

"They don't care about the kind of things that you and I care about," he added, in a blatant dog whistle.

The diatribe was an extension of the temper tantrum-based attack launched by the Trump team earlier in the week.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed suit against California after the state passed several progressive laws dealing with immigration.

The Trump administration wants "sanctuary cities" to enforce federal anti-immigrant policies. But California has opposed doing so.

Trump and Sessions have said the state is defying the law. But top officials like California Gov. Jerry Brown called the suit a "stunt."

The Trump administration "is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy," Brown said.

Trump is using his presidential bully pulpit to echo the xenophobic rhetoric heard on right-wing outlets like Fox News. Yet he has been stymied by the courts and progressive politicians time and time again.

His smears against Democratic leaders denigrate the presidential platform. And they put on display the venom Trump has embraced from the beginning.