Trump administration now ripping nursing babies from their mothers


Babies nursing from their mothers are not safe from the harsh, anti-family immigration policy that Trump has put in place.

A baby nursing from her mother was ripped away by ICE agents enforcing Trump's harsh new immigration policies.

CNN reports that the woman, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, cried as she relayed the story to her attorney on Tuesday.

The woman was handcuffed after she resisted — as any woman might have done if her nursing infant was being manhandled. She was being held in a detention center, prosecuted for entering the country illegally under the Trump administration's new zero-tolerance policy.

Before this policy was put in place, most people crossing the border were not referred for criminal prosecution. If an immigrant caught with their family is criminally prosecuted, they will be separated from their family as they go to court and their children go to foster care or shelters.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is using the threat of family separation as a deterrent to illegal immigration, and the administration has been using fake numbers to claim that the threat actually works. It doesn't.

Since the policy has been put in place, at least 500 children have been separated from their families, Miguel A. Nogueras, an assistant federal public defender for the Southern District of Texas, told CNN.

As public outcry has grown over the family-destroying policy, Trump has sought to blame Democrats rather than own up to the results of his own policies.

The results are already deadly: one father has committed suicide, distraught from being separated from his wife and child.

The United Nations, reacting to the growing humanitarian crisis Trump has created, issued a call for Trump to stop breaking up families.

"The use of immigration detention and family separation as a deterrent runs counter to human rights standards and principles," U.N. spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said.

Instead, however, Sessions has increased the cruelty. He recently decreed that most victims of domestic violence and gang violence will no longer be granted asylum in America.

The administration has marched in lockstep with Trump's hostility to immigrants. He has described them as "animals," and has repeatedly referred to Mexican immigrants as "rapists." His chief of staff, John Kelly, has called immigrants "lazy."

The Trump administration seems focused on inflicting pain and suffering on immigrants, both those already living in America and those trying to come to America.

There is no limit on who they will target — even babies trying to feed from their mothers.