Trump adviser caught scamming the elderly to give himself big salary


Trump's friend David Bossie is scamming money off the elderly while giving himself a six-figure salary.

David Bossie, who served as Trump's deputy campaign manager during the 2016 campaign and remains a trusted adviser, has been caught duping elderly people and taking money from them while he benefits personally.

Bossie raised $15.4 million dollars over the last two years for his group, the Presidential Coalition, which seeks to promote Trump and other conservative Republicans — and he spent the vast majority of the money on his own group, according to a report by Campaign Legal Center, a campaign finance watchdog group.

A whopping 97% of the funds went to Bossie and his employees, including a six-figure salary for Bossie himself. Only 3% of the money they brought in was spent to help candidates.

The group also used Facebook ads and sent out mailers "overwhelmingly targeted to, and viewed by" users over age 65, emphasizing Bossie's ties to Trump and featuring pictures of the two men together.

Donors were led to believe the money they were donating was helping Trump's reelection, not fattening Bossie's bottom line.

A retiree in his 70s told Axios he "thought the money was going toward the president."

An 86-year-old told the site "I'm old and easily fooled I guess," when he heard about the scam.

Even the Presidential Coalition's biggest individual donor, George Kunkle, told Axios he believed his donation went "toward supporting the president."

Bossie served as Trump's deputy campaign manager during the 2016 election. Before that, Bossie was the head of the group Citizens United, a conservative political group that spent millions attacking Democrats like President Barack Obama. It was Citizens United who was the driving engine behind the Supreme Court decision that has allowed billions of unaccountable dollars to flood presidential elections.

President Obama slammed the decision in his 2010 State of the Union Address, noting, "Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections."

Bossie was also once fired from his position as an investigator for Republicans after he released edited transcripts attempting to make President Bill Clinton sound guilty of offenses he hadn't committed. He even got a reprimand in 2018 from Fox News, of all places, for making a racist comment while defending Trump on-air.

Despite his shady past, Trump still hired Bossie in 2016 and Bossie still operates within his inner circle now. (Bossie was reportedly in the running to be Trump’s chief of staff).

Like Trump's current reelection campaign, Bossie is targeting elderly Americans and seeking to deceive them. Like Trump, Bossie is deceptive and dishonest. He is the consummate Trump insider, reflecting Trump's corrosive and corrupt approach to "winning."

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.