Trump adviser admits Trump chose donors over national security on trade


Advisers like Peter Navarro seem hell-bent on making Trump feel like an all-powerful leader who can do no wrong.

Trump's advisers are twisting themselves into knots to defend him over his reckless trade war. And for trade adviser Peter Navarro, that means going so far as to praise him for ignoring national security.

On Thursday, Trump announced stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports during a White House meeting with industry executives. Navarro was tasked with defending the decision on three of the Sunday morning political shows.

And it did not go well.

On CNN's "State of the Union," Jake Tapper asked Navarro about the Pentagon's concerns over the tariffs' effects on our allies. Navarro tried to sell Trump's fealty to industry executives, to the detriment of our national security, as a benefit.

"What I love about this president is, he listens to all points of view, both within his government and outside. And then he makes the tough decisions," Navarro said.

And he defended Trump's decision not to exempt any countries from the tariffs.

"I understand what the Pentagon said. The president understands it very clearly," Navarro added. "He heard all sides, and he made a decision. Like I said, courageous, tough decision."

Trump and his administration frequently use military leaders as a political crutch. Yet the White House ignores them when they interfere with bad policy ideas, and blames them for Trump's failures.

Navarro goes a step further, however. He lauded Trump for taking orders from a narrow business interest while harming businesses that employ millions and panicking investors.

Trump will never achieve his dream of being "president for life." Yet his advisers seem hell-bent on making him feel like an all-powerful leader who can do no wrong. And the American people aren't buying it.